9 Best Netflix Movies To Watch At Christmas

Christmas is coming and with it we will have the famous supper, the distribution of gifts and the most important: french toast! Better still, the day after the bash, enjoy the holiday doing what you like. For those who like to enjoy a movie with their family, a good option is to open Netflix and embark on classics or movies for all ages. So check out our 9 movie suggestions for watching Netflix movies on Christmas!


1.     Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI)


As a good fans of Star Wars, we start the list by suggesting a good marathon stuffed with popcorn and what’s left of the party toast. A few months ago, Netflix brought all the classic movies of the saga to its catalog. Running two to two and a half hours in each film, the Christmas program can be done by giving the start of the most famous film cinema.





  1. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith                           


Not so good as the classic trilogy – in our humble opinion – but with better action scenes and light-saber duels, the second trilogy tells the story of none other than Darth Vader, before carrying his dark mask. The trilogy came to clarify several loose ends of what the galaxy was like, very far from Star Wars about 20 years before the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. You can start to see Star Wars by this trilogy, since it starts before, but it can end up losing references to the classic series.






  1. The Nightmare before Christmas (The Strange World of Jack)


A Disney classic, The Strange World of Jack brings the protagonist, King of Halloween Town, sick of the same macabre Halloween holiday celebrations. Everything changes when he visits the city of Natal, wanting to implant the idea in his city. The problem is that the population – made up of ghosts, bats and monsters in general – does not quite understand the concept of festivities.





  1. The Grinch


Another classic for the list. Lived by Jim Carrey, The Grinch brings the Christmas trickster, a green and grumpy creature who wants to end the holiday anyway. He just did not tell that a small child in the city he hates so much would try to soften his heart and become his friend.






      5. A Christmas Carol (The Ghosts of Scrooge)

Newcomer to the Netflix catalog (but released in 2009), Scrooge’s Ghosts is also a story about a grumpy, grumpy being who has his Christmas transformed. Instead of a little girl, in this movie are three ghosts who decide to turn everything upside down, showing him everything he has wasted in his youth and the cruelty with which he treats people. Another similarity to The Grinch: the protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge is also experienced by Jim Carrey!




  1. Back to the Future 3


If marathoner movies is your Christmas plan, another classic trilogy suggestion for those not so fan of spaceships and lightsabers is the Back to the Future trilogy, one of the most iconic of the 80’s. Although we do not have skateboards Flyers for sale at any store as predicted by the films, Marty McFly’s adventures temps them what they thought we would be in 2016. They were ugly, but the fun is guaranteed for the whole family.






  1. Toy Story 3

If the kids are still small and have just won their toys for Christmas, the Toy Story trilogy may be the right element to activate your imagination. The three films are available on Netflix and are a sure guarantee of fun for the kids … and lots of nostalgia and possible tears in the adults who grew up with the movies!






  1. Monica’s Gang in an Adventure in Time                 

One of the best recommendations we can personally give parents or relatives of children who are learning to read is that they accompany the comics of Monica’s Class, something essential in our education. This time, Monica, Chives, Magali and Cascao embark on an adventure to rescue the four elements and save the planet. A good way to make the little ones meet the charismatic characters.





  1. Rise of the Guardians


Closing the list, the perfect movie for Christmas. The rise of the Guardians brings to life childhood legends such as Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny as defenders of the world. The purpose of this select group is to protect children’s dreams from an evil spirit! The Rise of the Guardians is an animation that does not save on magic and a great option to watch Netflix movies at Christmas.





Now it’s up to you: what are your recommendations for watching Netflix movies you would like to refer us for our Christmas? Comment on us and share your (and our!) Recommendations on social networks!


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