10 Netflix Series and Cartoons to Binge-Watch at Christmas

After recommending 9 movies to watch at Christmas, it’s time to migrate to the series and cartoons. After the bash, you can spend the holiday watching and taking advantage of the remaining french toasts from the party of the day, accompanied by the serials. In our selection, we tried to prioritize series that only have one season and that can be attended in one day only. Some examples will break this rule, but we think you’ll really enjoy our tips on the 10 Netflix series and cartoons that you can binge-watch for Christmas.


  1. Stranger Things                

This series is a love letter to the 80s, relying on a large number of references to pop culture of that time. Counting on 8 episodes with about 50 minutes, it tells the story involving the mystery of the sudden disappearance of a child in an inner city of the United States.

Government conspiracies, extraterrestrial mysteries, and friendship are recurrent themes. Although it starts with a group of children, we do not recommend it if they are very small.




  1. Fuller House                             

Another series that promises to tinker with the nostalgia of those who accompanied Three Is Too Much (originally Full House), released in the late 1980’s and ending in 1995. The series returns to show the twists in the life of the Tanner family, almost 30 years after Original series

Recently widowed, D.J Tanner-Fuller struggles to raise her three children by recruiting the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy, who brings her daughter, also a teenager, into the house. A light comedy to spend the holiday, although it is impossible to watch the two seasons in a day. Each season has 13 episodes and lasts approximately 30 minutes each.



  1. 3%                           

Netflix’s first Brazilian original series, 3% brings a dystopian future in which the world lives in a situation of great poverty. However, a small portion of the population lives with all the privileges. To integrate this society, every human being has a chance to integrate into that society when he turns 20 years old, but only 3% will have allowed entry into this paradise. The series features only one season divided into 8 episodes with about 40 minutes in length.





  1. Master of None                    

With 10 episodes lasting 20 minutes, Master of None is a comedy that does not shy away from controversial themes, while not only trying to make the spectator laugh,  but also think and evaluate their own life. Showing the life of a commercial actor looking for professional and personal success, the protagonist reflects on issues pertinent to adults close to their 30s, as children, the possibility of a new career and relationship with parents, among others.




  1. How I Met Your Mother                       

It’s Christmastime for the “How I Met Your Mother” squad and the entire apartment is full of festive decorations. It’s one of the most acclaimed sitcoms today; How I Met Your Mother brought the story of yet another group of friends in a formula similar to Friends. Even if you do not want to follow the nine seasons of the series, several episodes can be seen separately. The series tackles issues similar to those seen in Master of None, but while the mood is less realistic, the charisma of the characters is unmatched.




  1. Ultimate Spider-Man                      

Spider-Man gains a superhero team led by SHIELD in this three-season animation. But we are not talking about the adult Peter Parker, but the teenager, in a way similar to what we saw in Captain America: Civil War. The cool thing of the series is to check heroes that do not appear much in the films and series of Netflix, like Fist of Iron and Nova.






  1. Knights of the Zodiac: The Lost Canvas                   

One more for the nostalgic on duty. Although the main series is not on Netflix, the spin-off The Lost Canvas brings the previous generation of Athena’s knights in a story full of references to the original work. The animation is divided into two 13-episode seasons. Unfortunately, it never came to be closed, being incomplete despite its great quality.





  1. Star Wars Rebels                    

The new animated series of Star Wars shows the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance, which fights against the Galactic Empire of the classic trilogy of Star Wars. The animation shows the adventure of one of these groups, led by one of the Jedi surviving the purge that takes place in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and their apprentice Ezra, an orphan with great aptitude for the Force. The first two seasons of the series are on Netflix, with a third in progress on the Disney Channel XD.




  1. Voltron: The Legendary Defender                  

One of Netflix’s original animations, Voltron: The Legendary Defender brings the well-known superstuff structure – popularized here through Changeman and Power Rangers. As it was released this year, this is one of the Netflix series that is still in its first season, divided in 11 episodes of 20 minutes. In it, a team of five young pilots robotic lions that can unite and form the powerful Voltron to defend the universe.





  1. The United Avengers                 

In addition to having the movies in their catalog, the Avengers are also among the Netflix series. The United Avengers brings Marvel’s largest team of superheroes in a two-season animation. Captain America, Iron Man, Hawk and many others take part in the adventures with special participation of other teams like the Guardians of the Galaxy.



With a catalog that increases every day, it becomes almost impossible to keep up with all the news, but the holiday is there to give a little help. Which Netflix series do you intend to binge-watch for Christmas? Must tell us!

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